Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maxim Hot 100 Party

So, my best friend tells me that she has been invited to the 'Maxim Hot 100 Party'!!! All I could think here was.... "Shocker." If you know Dena (see picture above - she's the blondie on the left) you probably wouldn't expect anything less - and this is one of the million reasons she is one of my favorites.

What is sexy though? I pondered the question all day today (I have a lot of time now....) Now, sexy is different to everyone, but to me... It's glamour. Jewel tones, or black and white. It's crystals, its over the top. It's red lipstick and a perfect hair blow-out. It's a perfectly organized closet filled with high heels. But, its also - the unexpected. A glammed out chandelier in a functional kitchen, or a tradition Louis IV chair in a not-so-expected fabric. It's luxurious.
So - here are some examples I found that describe sexy! Enjoy!

Zebra print rug - definitely sexy glam, and jewl-tones seal the deal!

Jewel-Tones against the cream and white backdrop is unexpected and I like it a lot.

How glam is this black crystal chandelier? I dig it! Sex up the kitchen (minus the kids artwork!! LOL)

Earthtones can be chic and sexy too!

Hollywood Regency is definitely sexy! The glam is oozing off the wall. Amber perfume bottles are definitely sexy.

Nikki Hilton's dining room.
Nikki Hilton's Bedroom - love the use of the patent leather. So glam.

Paris Hilton's Bedroom - of course she would have a glamour sexy bedroom.


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