Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Spring! Bring out the Wicker!

Back in the 80's, my parent's living room had a white-painted wicker square coffee table and 3 separate wicker shelves that held Lalique pieces, glass wine decanters, and other collectibles. I thought it was pretty horrific. I am kicking myself now for thinking this, and kicking Hurricane Andrew for destroying it.

Wicker is so Spring Time Glam, and can really be done right.... or done really (REALLY!) wrong. So, here are some examples that I thought would be fantastic, and why. I think this would be great as a coffee table, or at the foot of a bed, or any where that you need extra storage - even in a foyer, or along an empty wall in your living room or kids room for toys and extra bedding for sleepovers. I'd probably paint this a fun color, or super shine-y white. - Pretty fantastic combo right here. I would change the knobs - and add my own hardware to it. I would also paint this. With wicker you can do the basic - black or white, or you can do fun! Turquoise, bright yellow, red.... You can get creative. If you are going to keep the dresser and mirror together, I would keep them painted the same color. Matchy - Matchy does work - ask Jonathan Adler.
This table/garden stool is by Walter's Wicker. It's so interesting. Paint it, don't paint it - it's cool. I'd stick it by my front or back door and stick a plant on it. This is cute!!! What a cool plant stand. It doesn't need much explanation here. I heart J.A. If for some odd reason -- you are reading my blog (PS, I'd be freaking out by the way if you were) -- will you be my best friend!?

Here is a fun little story about the chairs and table above. My best friend, Christine and I decided to spend the day antiquing and thrifting. So, we went to Silverlake. On our way there she tells me this story how she went to the Rose Bowl flea market 5 years ago and fell in love with a set of chairs and a table that were wicker (image above) and how she is still beating herself up about it to this day. So, what do you know, I became her good luck charm - and voila she found the chairs and table that day - for half the price and $15 delivery charge. Score for C!

Designer, Ashley Wittaker's take on glamming up wicker in an awesome Spring inspired living room.


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