Friday, May 15, 2009

Stop with the Email and Write a Note!

My mom is from the South. I consider her a Southern Belle. She has wonderful manners, is polite to everyone, and still has some "old-fashion" mannerisms in her. I was taught to always hand-write a thank-you note, and writing a "just because" note is always sweet. So, of course, when she comes and visits - she always makes a traditional stop at the Paper-Source in Beverly Hills to buy happy note cards.

Email.... Facebook.... Twitter.... They have all taken over the personal-ness of writing and receiving hand written notes. So, I found some awesome pieces of stationary that should be inspiring for everyone to write a note to someone. While you are at it, you can work on your penmanship and signature. My grandma signs all of her cards with "Always and All ways." It makes me smile every time. - Vera Wang Stationary Vera Wang Stationary

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  1. I have a friend who puts me to shame with her thank you notes, just because notes, thinking of you notes. I always love getting"hard copy" but am lazy about reciprocating. Time to work on that! How are things down south?
    Lisa & Alfie


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