Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Room Dividers/Screens

Room dividers and screens have been around for many many years. They are extremely functional when it comes to sectioning off areas of rooms, and doing so in a decorative way. A room divider can be used to make a changing area or closet. This would be especially great in a room that doesn't have a closet and you want to hide a rolling rack or some type of eye-sore.

Also, they are great in studio apartments. Anyone who rents can find some use for a room divider. Whether you want to split up a bedroom, or section off a dining area, or just give your self another area of privacy.

I have seen many room dividers that are so beautiful they could even be used just for decorative purposes, or as a head board or hung from the ceiling as a divider. Just do a google search and many websites come up, you can even find awesome, original ones on Ebay and Craigslist. This is my favorite screen. I love this fabric. So boho chic. - This would be great turned and hung from a ceiling. How Draper! I love these too.
Kelly Wearstler standing in front of the electric green room divider - here used for decorative purposes. - The room dividers at Ballard Designs are great because they have many, many fabrics to choose from as well as tufting/nail heads so you can reall specialize it, and get exactly what you want if you want a fabric one.

Armani Casa - This screen is very cool. It would fit in any decor - whether it be Modern, Hollywood Regency, Vintage Modern....


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