Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I use to think wallpaper was so 80s in a bad way. It's funny because there was a time where I looked back on the 80's as the worst decade for fashion and style - and now I view it as original and having a lot of 'tude. I like 'tude. So, now of course - I adore wallpaper. It's absolutely beautiful and there are so so many options to choose from - it makes a room special. It can also act like an anchor (similar to what rugs do for a room).

Many interior designers start a room by picking out the area rug first - I think this method would work as well with picking your wallpaper first. Especially if its super dramatic and a pattern you absolutely love.

There are so many people getting on the wallpaper bandwagon - Kelly Wearstler has designed some textiles, and so has Adler.

Some great wallpaper website to check out:
http://www.grahambrown.com/ (this site is similar to a wallpaper department stores)

Over the top and bold! A great room to test vivacious wallpapers would be a powder room.
Marcel Wanders wallpaper at www.grahambrown.com

Julien Macdonald wallpaper

www.housetohome.co.uk -- This is one of my favorites!

And another favorite!! Super Glam! Dreamy!!!!

Chloe Sevigny's hallway designed by Kelly Wearstler.
Super Groovy and I love the lotus brass chandelier. You can find similar swag lamps like this one on www.ebay.com

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