Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Betsey Johnson to Retire

I am at a loss of words right now. Fashion Designer, Betsey Johnson plans to retire after her September 2009 fashion show. She plans to hand the reins over to someone else, and be a "mega-consultant."

I may not wear much Betsey Johnson now, but in 7th and 8th grade, my dad would drive me to South Beach to go to the Betsey Johnson store on Washington to pick out dresses for the Bat Mitzvah season. You don't understand the frenzy it led to... Shopping in that store with the bright pink walls, the vinyl couch my dad would sit on, the black and white checkered floor, the weird sales girls with more tattoos and piercings than I could count! It was THE coolest store in the world.

How could one forget Betsey's bleached chunky hair, and bright red lips, and kookie - outfits? So -- here is a tribute to the woman that introduced Fashion to me! Here's to you, Betsey!

Her vacation home "Betseyville" in a small fishing town in Mexico

The flooring... the floral curtains... would you expect anything less?

Her kitchen in her Manhattan Penthouse. If you don't see Betsey Johnson in here, I feel like you could possibly end up seeing Barbie. Ha! Ha!

Betsey in her Manhattan Penthouse.


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