Thursday, June 11, 2009

Collage of Pictures

It's been a hot trend to do a grouping of pictures and artwork on a wall. It's almost like having your own mini-museum right in your home. This is the opportunity to display the pieces that you absolutely love. It's also great because you don't have to choose - you get to use them all. It can sometimes be challenging to find 1 piece of art to hang that is the right size and scale (and the right image) for a specific wall. So having multiple ones sometimes can be easier.

I personally love needlepoint pictures. I would love to do a wall of all needlepointed pictures in different frames. You can do all sorts of things with a picture wall - there truly is no rhyme or reason. You can have them all be black and white, all family photographs in specific frames, they can all be geometrically and perfectly spaced, or you can just make a puzzle and see what fits where.

Here are some ideas. I love the use of wallpaper in the background, and how the matting on several of the hangings blend with the wallpaper pink, while the yellow matting completely pops. I also like that she threw in a baroque mirror

Lots of small pictures placed together.

Sparse and spread out.

Black and white photography on the green painted background. Just imagine the color choices and how much it would change the room. Imagine hot pink behind this wall (obviously some furniture would need to change here!)

The picture above and below I really like. Especially how they both don't have any particular pattern they just flow well with each other and I like the different frames.


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