Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In the Dog House

I was looking for these bones that my dog, Lincoln loves on-line when I discovered all of the random products out there for pets. I mean -- dog strollers, outfits, mansions... you name it - it exists for our furry friends.

For Lincoln, it's pretty simple. I have a shallow, dark wicker basket in the corner of my living room for toys, Then a large Tupperware box with a lid in a cabinet in the kitchen that holds his brushes, tooth paste etc. Then his bowls are in the kitchen on a place mat.

Lincoln likes to sleep on the foot of the bed with me, but several years ago I bought him a bed when he had eye surgery, and he just loves it. I found it at Marshall's and recovered it with an easy-care fabric that was easy to wash and inexpensive (make sure to use a zipper instead of buttons). If you have a tea-cup dog, you can always buy a large decorative pillow and place it on the floor for their bed.

Alright - so here are some of my faves for the dogs!! They deserve great decor too! This is Lincoln in my old apartment years ago - he's 7 years old now - yeah, yeah.... He is a stud. I know ;)
I am in love with these "Dotted Dog Bowls" www.petsmart.com

Place mats are great to use to put the dog bowls on. Buy a 4 pack so when one gets nasty and not washable anymore - you can throw it away and have a fresh one on hand. www.zgallerie.com
www.petsmart.com These stairs are great to put up next to the bed so your dog isn't jumping up and down and straining their hips. And its carpet-ed.

The Mansion dog house http://www.target.com/ -- I gotta say, if you have an outdoor dog, this would be a pretty awesome home for him or her.
http://www.gucci.com/ - Dog Mattress

Bottega Venetta - dog bed with signature weave. Pretty sick!!!!
http://www.ballarddesigns.com/ Dog and cat food canisters. I have always wanted these.


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