Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Color Combo: Turquoise and Red

The color combination of Turquoise and Red has been popping up a lot lately. I really like the contrast. It's different and unexpected - you tend to see turquoise mixed with orange, yellow, or white - ya know - the true Spring vibe. The more and more I see this combo, the more and more I like it. www.kokocompany.com
This is interesting - because its main colors are black and white. Then the POP comes from the red headboards and the pale turquoise backdrop of the paint.

This is the room that inspired this entire entry. I saw it several months ago featured in House Beautiful Magazine and I thought it was so original and brilliant. It's casual glamour.

This is true high-style glam. The rich turquoise with the damask red and pink wallpaper in the background. It's a lot going on, its bold. What centers this is that the entire room is turquoise. The designer used this color as a basic, so it works. I appreciate this.

Katie Ridder designed this room. I love the soft color palette and the glammed up red accents of the lamps and glass chandelier. Brilliant!

This screams for a glass of wine and a stack of magazines!!!

I love the use of white in this room. It plays a major role.

Very sweet room.


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