Monday, June 8, 2009

Inspiration Sunday - A Day Late!!

Please excuse me for being a day late with the Inspiration Sunday!! Thanks!

All of these rooms have the color turquoise in it. I just love the color. It is so fresh and happy. It truly is my favorite color, and a great color for the Spring/Summer. This June Gloom is so depressing!! Being in any of these rooms below would be fantastic right about now!
I loved these chairs and the cut out back of them, and the nail heads.

This backsplash on this kitchen is absolutely beautiful and cheery! I love this color combination - avocado green and turquoise!!! This kitchen was designed by Diamond Baratta - they are one of my favorites - if you have a free minute to check out their coffee table book - do it! Their use of color and nail heads is sick.

Dreamy! The black painted wall really gives this room zip.

Fresh and Clean!


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