Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vintage Colored Glass - A Neat Collection

In the 50's and 60's many companies designed beautiful glass pieces for home decor. These were decanters, perfume bottles, vases, compote dishes... You name it, they designed it in vibrant colors and interesting shapes. They were groovy and fun. They are having a huge come back and they are total chic. You can do a multiple array of all different colors - or stick to one color genre like turquoise or amber. It's a great accent and something you will have fun looking for!

The main guys are Blenko, Viking, Fenton, and Amberina. Those 4 are the best for google searches and will give you the most hits. You will also be able to find these pieces at flea markets and specialty vintage-modern boutiques. As I have suggested before, do try to make a trip to Palm Springs and visit my buddies at Dazzles and Bon Vivant. Their selection is unreal and they know there stuff. They can really teach you a thing or two.
The Parker - Palm Springs, CA. Designed by Jonathan Adler.
Bon Vivant. Palm Springs, CA (What a collection!!!!)

vintage Viking Glass

Vintage Viking Glass compote dish with lid


Handkerchief style
Handkerchief style


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