Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where Was I 10 Years Ago?

This is scary - 10 years ago I was prepping to leave Miami and head off to the University of Arizona in Tucson. I was facing my Freshman year and I was scared!!! Mom: if you are reading this -- remember I was so nervous, you stayed with me a few extra days at the Marriott!?

I have some great college memories, some of the best seemed to happen when my parents were in town for Parents Weekend (go figure!) My dad had concerns that I knew the bouncers at the bar way too well, or better - my parents receiving an overdue library bill, and what was my response?!? "I don't think I went to the library!" We still laugh to this day....

Anyway, it's time to start looking for graduation gifts, for moms to start organizing their kids, so here is a list of some great ideas out there to make their dorm room a little bit sweeter! Yankee Candle Co. Diffuser - NO CANDLES in the dorm room - so, the diffuser is perfect, and there are so many fragrances out there. These are a great gift idea for High School Grads!
Wamsutta sheets for twin XL http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/ Twin Extra Long? Who ever decided that all dorm rooms should have a weird size bed honestly needs a reality check. Make the dorm rooms a tad bit bigger and give every person a full size. Easy!

http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/ A fun throw for the foot of the bed, and besides - I became a huge napper in college. I had a sage green fleece blanket, it got its use!!
skirt hanger http://www.containerstore.com/ These hangers are brilliant. You can get multiple articles of clothing on one hanger. Major space saver - they also have these for pants too.

LOOP laundry bags. http://www.containerstore.com/ In college my roommate had a plastic laundry basket that she carried to and from the laundry room, I kept my laundry in a bag hanging on my back of my closet door. I think that laundry basket took up prime real estate in the closet.

i Phone alarm clock/ipod doc. I like this one a lot because it won't take up too much room.
Shower Caddie http://www.containerstore.com/
Dorm Room Feng Shui Book - http://www.amazon.com/
Canvas Utility Boxes http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/
http://www.borders.com/ This book is pretty cool! It has great recipe ideas for someone on a tight budget, and minimal utensils! It's a college cooking no brainer.


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