Sunday, July 12, 2009

Earth Beauties: Agate

Fashion and Interior Design always finds a way to overlap - and that can be seen in Gucci's Spring/Summer 09 jewelry collection made with precious stones, gems, and agate. Geodes like amethyst, agate, jasper, or calcite have beautiful colors that have been popular for many, many years in home decor.

The style in my place is pretty boho-glam. I love the organic feel to these pieces, especially paired with gold accents and neutral back drops.

Check out some great ones below. Gucci Agate bracelet. I am obsessed with this bracelet. So gorgeous.
Gucci Amethyst and Agate necklace The box at the bottom right would be great for storing remote controls, jewelry,

Orba Purple Picture Frame
Striped Agate Coasters I have a glass coffee table top. These coasters would be perfect for me. 9" plates agate. From this picture they look like coasters, but they actually are plates. I would love to see an array of these used for entertainment purposes. Maybe, grouping 3 of them together to make a cheese plate. Or, Stagger them on a lifted stand for desserts. Or, to enjoy them every day - use them in the kitchen to hold your salt and pepper shaker, or hang with a plate hanger.

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