Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eileen Kathryn Boyd = Genius!

How insane is this room!?!? I love this room for many reasons, its just perfect. Interior Designer, Eileen Kathryn Boyd had a stunning room to work with from the get-go, but what she has done here is, made it magical.

1. Those windows are too beautiful to cover - so instead, they have been accentuated even more with the stunning khaki and white fabric with yellow trim. It's genius.
2. The neutral color palette of the soft khaki with the pops of yellow
3. The stainless steel/metal vibe giving it a modern touch.
4. The straight lined furniture with the softness coming from lush fabrics, tufting, happy accessories, and the classic vibe from the French windows.
5. The large hanging lamp over. (You can find a similar at
6. The small hit of pale-turquoise with the center pillow on the sofa, and the book on the side table.
7. The 2 small tables acting as a coffee table, making them move a


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