Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From the Personal File

I've decided to do a new weekly posting from "My Personal File" of rooms that I personally love for my own likes and tastes. I have a file on my desktop of all the things that I love and would love to incorporate in some way, shape or form to my own space.

This week's image comes from MMR Interiors. I can't remember where I originally saw it, but I adore so many aspects:
1. The gold coffee table - dead ringer to my style!
2. The ikat pillows.
3. The eclectic, and worldly charm.
4. The citrine and white upholstered side chair. The colors are random yet work perfectly. A true show stopping piece.
5. Speaking of "show stoppers," everything in here is pretty dramatic, stands on its own, yet works harmoniously together.

**There are 2 parts of this room I don't like - the dark painting and the yellow vase sitting above the cabinet bothers me. I think there could be something a little more fun there. I also think that the white chair is not needed and should be taken out. But besides that, adore, adore, adore!


  1. Love MMR Interiors...I go to school in New Orleans and her work is amazing! She is definitely one of my favorite designers!

  2. Fab room - I agree, the white chair needs to go. Good eye

  3. Gorgeous room-agree about the painting and white chair, but I like the yellow vase. I love the use of colors and the mixing of prints.


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