Saturday, July 25, 2009

Interior Designer: Jamie Drake

Interior Designer, Jamie Drake is one of my absolute favorite, favorite, favorites! He has been around for quite sometime, always stirring the design pot, and he does it quite well. When it comes to mixing and putting multiple styles, colors, eras together.... J.D. is your man. He also always incorporates gorgeous art, and tends to pull colors from it, making that the inspiration for the entire color palette and feel of the room. I could call him a color design genius!
How gorgeous are those fabric walls. and the gold accents! Brilliant, charming - and comfy. I love how this room doesn't feel stuffy.
Glamour at its finest.

A personal favorite. Love the piping on the sofa, and the drapes! Then the Chippendale chair, that huge arrangement of greens.... And then of course, Mr. Drake himself. He is so chic.

Lovely! Amazing chairs, amazing artwork, great turquoise glass.
Love the pink and chocolate color combo.

I am in beyond love with this bedroom. I can't tell if the bottom of the bed is a frame, or a bed skirt - but its pretty amazing. I love the yellow and white combo mixed with a black and white animal print. It's so chic!


  1. I just heard him speak last week at the Corcoran. The yellow bedroom is his own bedroom and the bed is upholstered, not skirted. He is moving to a new place, so we can look forward to some new rooms of his.

  2. Jamie Drake is like a cameleon. He is able to work within numerous styles.

    I *LOVE* that I can not recognize his work! But I always look to see who the designer is and get that thrill when it's JD.



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