Sunday, July 19, 2009

The new trend: Busts

The 3rd Sunday of the month is one of my favorite days. My best friend and I attend the greatest flea market, talk about nonsense and over-heat in the Summers. We laugh, make friends, and enjoy the day. Each trip we make brings on a new trend. For instance - 2 months ago - it seemed like every dealer was selling porcelain and blanc de chine animals - especially dogs. This time around, the hot ticket item was the Bust (See the images below).

They are extremely dramatic, add the element of whimsy, and surely make you appreciate History a little bit more. These busts also are great conversation starters with your guest. No one would know but you that you didn't find it on an archaeological dig. Just kidding!

Try to keep your eyes out for a large bust, as they are extremely popular they do tend to get pricey. I've seen one for $300, another for $700, and a few in the thousands. They truly are finds!

Happy Shopping! Please do send me pics if you do have a bust or dramatic piece you would like to share.


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