Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ralph Lauren - Summer House Collection

I know a bunch of blogs are reporting on the Ralph Lauren Home - Summer House Collection, but I couldn't resist! It's beautiful, elegant, and timeless.

It is true to the Ralph Lauren, All-American feel, but it feels a little more cultured. It's as though Ralph and the gang went to Capri, then the Amalfi Coast, and then went over to Bali to kick it and then... before unpacking their bags at home - stopped in the office and built this gorgeous collection.

How insanely gorgeous is the coffee table. It's Chinois at its finest. So elegant. This table would look amazing in so many different settings.
Fantastic chair. Would love to see this paired with a sleek and clean parsons table (and ditch the hat boxes).


So Summer-fresh-clean!

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  1. I love the oversized ginger jars in the fireplace and on the dresser.


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