Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Rug Company Seeks Out the Fashion World.

For several seasons, The Rug Company has been looking towards the worlds greatest Fashion Designers to design special rug collections for them, and they are pretty special! All of these designers have stayed true to their own personal aesthetics to create beautiful, bold, and memorable pieces.

Matthew Williams Spring/Summer 2009 collection.
Peacock Dark for The Rug Company by Matthew Williamson

Diane Von Furstenburg - Iconic Wrap Dress - Spring/Summer 2009

Spiral Hearts for The Rug Company by Diane Von Furstenburg

Lulu Guiness - Spring/Summer 2009 collection

Canvas Rose for The Rug Company by Lulu Guiness

Marni - Spring/Summer 2009 collection

Overleaf Yellow Rug for The Rug Company by Marni

Paul Smith - Spring/Summer 2009 collection

Faded Glory for The Rug Company by Paul Smith

Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2009 collection (image via

Squiggle for The Rug Company by Vivienne Westwood
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