Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dear Bedroom, I Love You!

This bedroom has so much style and flair, yet its not overly done or complicated. It's glamorous and youthful - yet sophisticated. The pairings of prints and fabrics are amazing. And here's my list for why I love it so much!

1. The wall paper - I am usually not a fan of using wallpaper or paint on just one wall - but this I just adore. It really frames that stunning headboard

2. The entire wall - the wallpaper with the dramatic headboard, being framed by those gorgeous matching lamps.

3. The bedding - I love how the bed skirt and the bolster pillow match - tying it all together, yet it completely off-sets the black and white theme. Then on top of it, adding that punch of color with the coral pillows. It really works quite well. Using a simple white duvet just makes it all pup a little more

4. The use of the closet - Wow! Taking the doors off of the closet and making a beautiful vanity. This is so smart, and such a fantastic idea. The size of that closet is so small anyway - this really takes great advantage of the space. I love the tulip based chair with it. (Cute artwork inside it too!)

5. The end tables!

6. The pouf - adds a great element of whimsy.


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  1. Love it, but I would have papered the whole room. Hate the one wall bit with paint or paper.


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