Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mixing Styles

The best way to describe the current trend is calling it a "hybrid." It's a blend of many styles, eras, textures.... It's taking all of the pieces that you love and making sure they harmoniously work. Here are some great examples.
This traditional desk with the funky hot pink chair is unexpected and fun.
From Nathan's Design -- this is a perfect mix - of the parsons straight edge table, mixed with the bone in lay chairs that are very ornate - with the random plate chandelier. It's modern and whimsy at its best.
I absolutely love this image, above. The tulip table with the classic chairs. Mixed with a zebra hide. I am in awe!

I love how modern the furniture is here all against the classic and traditional walls, trims, and crown molding. It's so tongue in cheek.

That chandelier is perfect to mix with the modern-mod vibe here.

From Domino Magazine - I love this. The classic moldings, with the clean-line dining table, with the dramatic chandeliers. This is amazing and smart.

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  1. I want that chair with every fiber of my being


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