Saturday, September 5, 2009

All I Want is Monogrammed Bedding

Since I am going to be starting the bedroom painting process next weekend with the pale blue/turquoise walls - I am also now considering my bedding. I have already purchased new shams and a bed skirt with the white scalloped edges (Bed Bath and Beyond) and am considering having them embroidered. I can't wait to iron them and set the bed up! So, here are a few embroidered and monogrammed things I really like...

I love how this is in the center of the bedding. I want to do "Hal" as my embroidery (since that's my nickname and all).

How gorgeous is this color combination of this room? I think the "love" embroidery is cute. Was even considering doing something a little cheeky... maybe doing "Good Morning Sunshine" or something.... Who knows. It's all in the discussion phase. Beautiful!

image via

Leontine bedding. This may be too love the top for what I am looking for, but I still like it!

This I really like, maybe doing a few shades of the pale blues and turquoise to make something super preppy chic. Leontine.

I really love this!! It's sweet with a little funk. Leontine.

More Leontine

Another favorite from Leontine. I love this elong pillow in the front. It's stunning.

Melissa Rufty Interiors. I love these large embroidered monograms. It's so classic, yet fresh!

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  1. Monograms are so classic, but with all these different colors its so refreshing!


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