Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Colors Make Happy Furniture!

I love painted furniture. It spruces it up, makes it more fun, and can really become a "show stopper." Here are a few examples that I absolutely loved. If you have seen any great ones, please do e-mail me a picture.
I love how they painted the inside of this breakfront. The color combination is exquisite.
image via.

I love this lilac, high-glossed buffet table. It especially looks fantastic with the white wane-scotting and wallpaper.

image via flickr

ADORE!! How sick is this dresser? Chippendale/bamboo is my thing. Maybe, not red - but the combo with the pale purple walls and the pale turquoise lamps, then the interesting additions of the white shades and black chairs, its all pretty chic to me!

image via Elle Decor
image via Canadian House and Home
I love this entire image! Love it all!

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