Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Dorothy Draper Dresser

Dorothy Draper is known to be one of the first American women Interior Designers. She comes from wealth and fine taste, and has really made a mark in the world of decor, as she really did invent the look of modern baroque. We see many of her influences come out thru the likes of Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler. It's just amazing how influential she is.

One of the most popular pieces would be the Dorothy Draper dresser that constantly pops up in beautifully designed homes. I am just crazy about them, and would love to have two of a matching pair on either side of my bed. Oh well, a girl can dream! Here are some examples:
From the Sex and the City movie, in the Vogue office.

image via Pieces

image via - How stunning are the colors in this room?

Room designed by Scott Currie.


  1. saw one of these on ebay this summer went for $250!!!!

  2. Honestly, I just brought home 2 black with gold Dorothy Draper dressers! I found them at a consignment store where they got them from an estate sale. I almost passed out when I saw them!

  3. I found a few Dorothy Draper inspired chests at They have some interesting furniture that you just don't find anywhere else on the web.


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