Friday, September 25, 2009

Nailhead Storage Cubes

I just came across these nail head storage cubes at Horchow and they are absolutely amazing! Now, they are a little pricey, at $499 for the pair, but they really are multi-purpose pieces, and would be great for storing an extra blanket, or kids toys in your family room, or whatever you need to stow in a glamorously-chic way. OR better yet -- Make 'em yourself!


  1. Nice.. I have been looking for kids storage that are as stylish as these.. at 499 they are not quite up to the abuse my kids will give them.. But I see the light!

  2. I Love those! Nail heads are probably my favorite design element and when I get my first apartment out of college, I want to get a pair of nail head storage boxes. Thanks!

  3. I am sure you could find a solid storage cube, and then pencil the design you want and then hammer in the nail heads to the pattern of your choice! :)


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