Saturday, September 26, 2009

Love THIS Fabric!

I am dying for this fabric! I would love to either cover my two high back accent chairs from my living room (that have yet to be covered in the past 5 months of owning them since I can't make a decision) or.... cover my dining chairs with them. Aren't these chairs amazing?

Obviously these chairs are in desperate need of reupholstering. It's my issue on commitment and color that is making me crazy! I have a stunning turquoise beaded swag lamp, in my dining room, and I think this fabric would be an amazing accent for it.
Fabric by: Molly Skok - Rohet Multi in Oyster


  1. A Twitter friend passed on your blog to me, I am so happy you like my Rohet fabric, you are just the sort of fab designer that I want as my audience. I will be following you blog with huge interest in future. Kind regards, Mally

  2. Oh my god!!! This is too funny you are leaving a comment on my page. I spend about 45 minutes googling you the other day, but I couldn't find your contact info!!! Where and how do I get to see this fabric in person? Wow! This is the best news to start my morning!

  3. Ok I am a complete moron! I was spelling your name wrong! I found you! This really is a great morning! LOL


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