Sunday, November 15, 2009

Design Trends Come Full Circle.

Can you believe that this room is from 1971? All of the current hot design trends are featured, the only give away that this room is a little dated is due to the old-school rotary phone and the ugly mums floral arrangement.
1. The bamboo chair
2. Taxidermy
3. The straight lined sofa
4. Gold based coffee table with the glass top - very boho/garden stool-ish
5. Yellow color palette
6. Animal print accent pillow


  1. Love it! I have a book from my grandmother from the 1960's that is the exact same way. I've been meaning to do a blog post on it- now you have inspired me even more!

  2. Check out this blog post of mine from July...
    If you ever are at a flea market, or scoping out Ebay - check out some vintage magazines. They are a wealth of inspiration!!! Happy Reading!


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