Friday, December 25, 2009

Some of my coffee table books....

I absolutely love reading my coffee table books. Many people buy them and don't even open them. But me, I read them cover to cover. I have a HUGE list of books I want to add to my small collection. I still can't believe I don't own the new book - Kelly Wearstler's 'Hue' especially since my friend, Lana Gomez did several paintings for the book. But anyway - that's another topic -- below are the books that I do have, and they are fantastic and I suggest you go out and get them your self. If you have any recommendations, please do hit me up! Ahhh - this book is brilliant. It's all based on Kelly Wearstler's previous Beverly Hills Estate, Hillcreste and its stunning. Each room is filled with layers upon layers of jewel tones and chinois. It's one of my favorites! I think its probably some of her best work.
This Chanel book is based on the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York's Chanel exhibit. The photography is beautiful.

I am such a sucker for baby animals! It's funny - I have wanted this book for years, but never really wanted to spend the money on it, and the other day I was walking around an antique mall and saw it laying in a booth for $7 -- brand new and looked like it had never been open - so I had to grab it. Ha ha!

Picturing Los Angeles is a collection of old photographs of the city. Its really cool to just flip thru.

Jonathan Adler's book is awesome. It completely makes me laugh, the commentary is hysterical and the forward by his husband, Simon Doonan is hysterical. The rooms he has created are also quite amazing. It all has a 1960's vibe to it its very cool. Very tongue-in-cheek and it really teaches you how to be not so serious with you own home decor.

My best friend, Christine gave me The Find for my birthday. Its an awesome book about antiquing and going to flea markets and how people pull it all together. It's an amazing book.

The design team making up Diamond Barrata are two characters who absolutely love whimsy and color. If you are looking for color inspiration, this book should be your first stop.
Ah.... the bible of all bibles.... the Domino book! I read and look thru this all the time. Its amazing! When moving into a space the first few things you should purchase are the necessities: extra hangers, some wine for the fridge and your Domino book. Everything else will fall into place after you have this.

This book is filled with Fashion Designers' homes and how they designed where they live. It's cool to see it.
Another great KWID book. She is pure genius.

Nate Berkus!! Why are you gay? Just kidding! He is really talented and this book really helps you figure out what your likes are and what your dislikes are. If you are struggling with design, this book will help you get into the right direction.

I interned for Gucci when Tom Ford was still designing for them. That was a very special era for Gucci. I was also interning there when he left and the design team was in a strange transition. I love Tom Ford. He is a master. This book is sexy, flip thru and you will see why. LOL.


  1. Thank you for including my labor of love among your favorite coffee table books! Any one who would like a personalized book plate for their copy of THE FIND may just email me their address, and I'll dash one off in the mail.

    Happy holidays!


  2. OH MY GOD! I can't believe you read my blog! This is insane and the coolest thing thats ever happened on my blog! Your book is amazing. That book makes me wish every day was a Sunday so I could go to some flea market some where. This is really cool! Happy New Year!


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