Friday, January 22, 2010

From the Personal File....

My style is getting a lot more straight light, a little more modern.... like a softened modern with lots of accents and layers and this bedroom is definitely a love.
1. I love the calming color palette
2. The two cabinets with the pink lamps are just beautiful, and then mirror is pretty fab.
3. Love the zig zag throw blanket, it really gives a punch in a solid room
4. The carpeting is so luxe (this would not work with Lincoln -- my dog)
5. The bedding is so simple yet looks so rich.
6. That ceiling is pretty sick.



  1. Love the dark wood accents against the pale palette - and I agree, the Missoni-like throw is a perfect punch of color for the room.
    - The Buzz -

  2. The dark rich wood is absolutely stunning!

  3. Oh! I love those cabinets, two is always better than one! HaHa the confirmation word is BoresMe... nope definately not


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