Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grandinroad? Ever heard of it?

Have you ever heard of GrandinRoad? Well they only have a few locations - but they have som really cool stuff and pretty reasonable pricing, and it all looks like its nice quality. It's got a chill, boho vintage-y vibe but cleaned up with straight lines. I am really digging this site.

If you have been to one before or have ordered from their website or catalog, I'd love to know what you think - as these are my favorites for future ideas down the road. This book shelf is taller than you think - and I think two of them on either side of my television credenza in the dark brown color would look awesome possibly.
Beautiful bedding... not necessarily for me, but I dod like it. It includes 1 duvet cover and 2 standard shams.

Great Headboard - very West Elm-y.

This is a great outdoor rug, but would look way cool indoors.

This beding is designed by Dwell Studios. I think its a great option if you want a little "somthin-somethin" but still want to do the white look. Alo, this includes 1 duvet cover and 2 standard shams.

These were also made to be outdoor rugs, but I say use it for indoors!

What a neat end table. Great organic feel to it.

I'd love to see two of these paired on either side of a bed. So sleek, love that skinny base they have.

This drum type table is exactly what I need for my living room to be honest. It's pretty fierce.
Awesome kilim pillows with a grat price tag of $29-$39. Can't beat that.


  1. LOVE that white bookcase, might be exactly what I have been looking for, thx!!!!


  2. I am in LOVE with the white bookshelf but I can't for the life of me FIND it on their site!!! Am I just missing it?

  3. Look under media furniture, it is shown in black but white is an option.


  4. Sorry!! I am so bad at posting - I'll be honest I am not very computer savvy, I cant even figure how to do those link things... happy hunting!


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