Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ever heard of Beaumont?!

On the way to Palm Springs (coming from LA) is a little town called Beaumont. Beaumont has a street lined with vintage shops and antique malls - all with the sweetest shop owners that just want to give you tid bits of history with all of their products. And one of these shops has a picture of Jonathan Adler in there shopping... buying random quirky items.

This amazing green bamboo sofa table was $45. Wish I had a need and a place for it!


  1. Nope I have never heard of Beaumont, but I am putting it on my road trip list - think Thelma and Louise with a large bank account and a huge u-haul!

  2. That sounds awesome!! you are going to have the best time! If you need recs let me know!


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