Thursday, July 15, 2010

My style is changing

It's interesting, my style is changing. And I am noticing it. A LOT. Lately I have been drawn to the weirdest and strangest pieces. Majority of the new attractions have been super antique/classic styles that have been majorly vamped with modern twists. I've been into more modern styles lately too, some straighter styles. Art that I didn't understand before - I am now starting to appreciate, and this bedroom below sums it up perfectly.

Image via Pretty Chic SF


  1. that is a fabulous room and marries the styles perfectly.
    my tastes change all the time. but i think as we grow as design enthusiasts (i.e. decor bloggers)we take notice of how rooms that are all one note date faster than rooms that look like they evolved. which to me is the marriage of old and new...this is proper room evolution.


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