Saturday, September 18, 2010

The besty needs a coffee table

My best friend lives in Venice Beach - amazing! Her apartment** is a stones throw to the beach and has so much charm and character. Great built-in cabinets and an old-school vintage white stove... those kinds of charmers.

Below is a picture of her coffee table (actually this one is extremely similar - hers is a bit more rectangle... but still, its pretty close). It's a bad ass coffee table, but its huge. After a text message several weeks ago saying after the hundredth bruise and almost cracking her head open - she has had enough - it was time to replace. So the coffee table hunt for Christine has begun. She mentioned so many ideas of what she would want so I just did a search for a few things and hopefully this will be a good jumping off point. Her apartment is white and black with hints of yellow and turquoise. She has amazing taste - It's Hollywood Regency meets mid-century boho. Its awesome!

2. Nate Berkus for HSN (currently this one is on sale and one of my personal faves!)
3. Amazzzing campaign coffee table from a thrift shop in Compton. $35! Would be incredible painted.
4. Coffee table from St. Paul's thrift shop in Burbank, CA - needs a coat of paint. $65
5. Two of these cubes would be great. Target
6. X-style coffee table, multiple colors available. West Elm
7. Cubes from Plexi-craft. 2 of these would be great. Check out Here to see what Vanessa De Vargas did with similar cubes.
**Images of her place will be up on The Glam Lamb in future posts!


  1. i am dyyyyying for her current coffee table. it's so unique and awesome!!! i hate that she can't stop falling down...maybe she needs to up her iron.
    or wear knee pads.

  2. hahahaha!! so true! The truth is -- the table is F-ing huge. And apts in Venice tend to be on the smaller size. If you lived LA she'd sell it to ya! ;)

  3. I agree with jenny that's a pretty awesome coffee table if it were me I'd keep it and wear a helmet.


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