Thursday, September 30, 2010

Parson's Etageres at Home Decorators

I've never purchased anything before from Home Decorators - but these Parsons etageres are just fantastic. Available in white or pale blue for $249. I have no clue what the quality would be like from Home Decorators... has anyone made a purchase from them?


  1. OMG those look fantastic!!! the blue one looks just like the first image from an old post I did :) Let me know if you get one!


  2. you are so right!! it looks exactly like your post. i already have 3 etageres in my home - so unfortunately these aren't going home with me :(

  3. i picked up some bar stools from HDC exactly like DWR's navy aluminum collection, and they're 1/5 the price!

    looks like i might be paying them another visit....great find!

  4. Oh wow! Please do take a pic if you have a free minute! I'd love to see!!


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