Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shop Like a Designer - A new segment

All it takes is a little research and a little bit of patience and you can find the same looks interior designers find for their clients but without the hefty price tag. Keep in mind - many designers find items at antique shows and flea markets across the country for cheap... clean em up a bit and make a profit.

Below is a bamboo/chinoiserie vintage chandelier from the Long Beach Flea Market. $60. (Rewiring will cost you no more than $12 for the kit at Home Depot).

Below is an extemely similar chandelier in a great looking bedroom.... These bamboo chandeliers are quite popular and are a great mid-century vintage find!

Happy Hunting!!!!
Bedroom image via Alkemie


  1. You are so right. You can train your eye to see the beauty in a vintage piece. Also, there are so many how to videos and articles online. Great post.

  2. thank you Hillerie! I just checked out your blog! It's awesome.


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