Monday, October 4, 2010

Do you have a "fashion" thing?

Do you have a "fashion thing"? I do..... and its the nude shoe. I love a good nude shoe, and I hate to admit it but about 65% of the shoes I own are nude. I feel like they extend your legs making them look longer, and I think they match with everything. (My mother may have something to do with this!!)

So - tell me... do you have a fashion rule or something that you always seem to fall back on? Please do share!! (Below are my my absolute dream shoes!)
Givenchy @ Barneys
Fendi loafers @ Barney's

Chloe riding boots @ Barneys
Chloe flats @ Barneys

Christian Louboutin @ Barneys


  1. I am little black dress fan and like my handbag to match my shoes, and to have matching gloves, and a serrious cocktail ring. Never fails.

    Also a glam hat with a bikini.

  2. The nude Michael Kors Babar pumps from a few years ago are the PERFECT nude shoe.

  3. I just googled the Kord Babar pump. That is a good one.

    And yes - O.P. -- matching soes and purses and a fierce cocktail ring are definitly the way to go!


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