Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do you shag? Opinions would be good on this!

 I have a chair that has the abilities of looking pretty awesome covered in shag material.  But I am still on the fence about this.  This would be for the accent chair in my living room.  I have some pros and cons about it....  Pro - It would look really interesting, and would definitely be a great conversation piece.
Con - No one will want to sit on it and it needs to be a multi-purpose room.  (The room is going to be painted grey fyi - on the darker side, with white molding)

Honestly - I am most likely not going to do the shag chair, but I've definitely contemplated it because its such a surprising look.  What do you think about this chair and what do you think about shag?
Above - this is my chair that needs recovering.  Great shape and great condition -- just needs little love.

B &; B Italia

Image via Domino.

image via Like I love You  What a fun room!

Image via DecorPad  You can find little shag rugs just like these to throw on anything from Ikea.

Image via Elle Decor   Such a chic and glam way to bring in the shag bench.  I dig it.

Image via House Beautiful - Lovely.

These benches are from the Lana Gomez art studio in Los Angeles.

Image via Seeing Design


  1. that's an AMAZING chair!!!!! Love it :) Not sure about the shag??? I think the lines are soo cool the shag may take away from that?? maybe a cool fabric and a shag pillow???


  2. That's one good looking chair! I'd keep it's integrity and just pick out a nice fabric, no shag maybe some Kelly Wearstler’s “Flair” fabric or some janet embroidered fabric by missoni to keep it's glamorous look imo. I kinda like the fabric it already has too.

  3. hmmm..i think the chair has great bones but I dunno about the shag..I agree some awesome fabric would make it look fantasic!

  4. hmmmmmm....I have to say that I like the look of it, but because I have two very young children at the moment, all I can think of are the crumbs that will be hiding amidst all of that fluff! Definitely a glam look, but not for my lifestyle at the moment! Glad I found your blog today! -diane

  5. I think shag is fun in moderation. I would only cover the back curve in shag and keep the rest in a solid white vinyl. It's more of an understated kitch-factor that isn't in your face but still interesting. Maybe even paint the wood trim in something bright for a punch of color.

  6. thank you guys so much for your imput. The walls are going to be a dark=ish grey with white molding, and I am too chicken to go with the shag... I am leaning towards a deep turq/teal... a color thats in my zig zag shumacher pillows. Now, I just have to go find it! Thanks so much for commenting!!


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