Friday, October 29, 2010

Is it okay to be chic AND lazy this Thanksgiving??

I love entertaining my friends, but my least favorite part is the clean up afterwards.
So... How is this for an idea?  Beautiful paper plates and napkins (and a bonus --- they look real!).  I'm not saying to use a Dixie cup for a cocktail... Your guests will still feel privileged to sit at your table, and all the while you, my dear host - will relax, not have to do a huge clean, and you will not have to stress about some stupid kid breaking your china!

images 1 & 2 - Caspari
images 3, 4, 5, & 6 - Plates & Napkins


  1. Absolutely! We're huge fans of mixing it up - paper plates, melamine, antique silver, homemade napkin rings - whatever makes a table festive and fun!

  2. i say for sure! Esp during appetizers and waht not or for the kids table or for your drunk friends lol. and it makes clean up a breeze..I mean, and its not like were old and married with an entire china set-at least im not lol!

  3. What fun paper products...these are perfect for Thanskgiving! I saw go for it! Happy Halloween!


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