Thursday, October 28, 2010

What did we do before Ziplock?

Those guys over at Ziplock really have their Thinking Caps on!  

Now - I am talking from complete experience because I travel A LOT - and this right here is brilliant.  The TILI Bag (Take It or Leave It) are reusable Ziplock bags that are great for travel.  They come decorated in 3 different color ways with fun, and happy prints.  You can stash anything in them and are great especially when you have to take your stuff out for security...  I don't think the entire airport security line needs to meet your toiletries.  Wet bathing suits, jewelry, rolled up belts, underwear, make up... these will schlep it all! 

Get 'em HERE!


  1. I used to carry zip loc with chcocolate and sweets when i went this is a much more STYLISH way to do these!:))))))))

  2. I love that you admit that it isn't walnuts or granola you are stashing in your purse - but candy!! Brilliant!!

  3. um hot pink leopard..i didnt even need to read what it was i already wanted it, but I love!


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