Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lets get Martha-nized!

Oh Martha, I am completely amazed by your talent.  

Martha Stewart is pretty much THE complete bad ass when it comes to making everything look beautiful, in its place, and properly function.  I don't know if you have ever seen her craft room - but holy cow.  It is sooo organized.  I want to be THIS organized.  Here is my problem - I'll organize an entire closet.... cabinet... anything - and then the moment I need to get something out of it - I feel like I am screwing it up again.  

Oh well.  I am on my way to be "martha-nized, just got to figure out a few kinks first!  

Al of those little white jars are different colors of glitter.  How many scissors do you have in your home? I've got kitchen shears, craft scissors, a cutting board (I needed it in art school) and finger nail scissors.   I am at 4.

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  1. what many people do not realize is that martha spends a lot of her time in her office which is a complete wreck. she won't even let cameras go in there. :)

  2. are you for real?!? how do you know that? LOL what a bust!

  3. I always loved her office...except for the ceiling that would drive me nuts. :))))


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