Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Chic and Glam Brentwood Condo

I love when a home all flows well together - when the color choices and the style of each room compliment each other.  Here is a perfect example of this with this Brentwood, CA condo featured in
Love the color combination of dark wood, yellow, black and white with hits of grey.
Gorgeous mid century pieces 
I love the display of all of the different vintage yellow, black and white pitchers.  I really appreciate how well thought out it is.
In love with this bedroom. Like - in love, in love! (maybe lose the "zzzz" pillow.
Love the turquoise subway tiles - it looks really fresh and adds a little zip with all of the yellow.  I also like the garden stool in the shower.  Really good idea.


  1. I think 'sexy' is the word that describes those rooms best.

  2. oh I think so too!!! its totally sexy!

  3. The colour combination is just fabulous! I love that yellow pops out of it. Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  4. Love that!!! I wonder what street this condo is on - I've been in the market looking for condos in Brentwood and I would be curious as to which building it is....very cool colors indeed!!!!!!


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