Sunday, October 24, 2010

Turquoise + Grey + Yellow + Fur = Glam

A bit of turquoise paired with the an ice grey sofa, yellow floral wallpaper, stunning crown molding, a chic sheep, and fur pillows means only one thing to me...


image via Decor Pad


  1. absolutely love love the yellow taffeta drapes! i am not a huge fan of color but this room has a great look!
    thanks for posting it!
    jamie Herzlinger

  2. i have serious color fears!! My entire place is neutrals with pops of color in the accessories - so that I can switch em out fast - if I get sick of it!

  3. I hear you guys, I am the same, all my 'big' pieces are neutrals so I can swap out the colors. It's so hard to commit isn't it?? I do adore this room though :)
    Nancy xo


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