Sunday, October 17, 2010

Long Beach Flea Market Round Up!

If you read my blog often, you will notice that every month (3rd Sunday) I attend the Long Beach Flea Market. It's my absolute FAVORITE and everytime I go - I find something absolutely amazing.  Honestly - Long Beach in general is just amazing for finding cool home decor.  This time around there was a lot of chinoiserie. 

So... Please come along for the ride and I'll give you a quick tour!

These gold lamps I am actually kind of kicking myself that they didn't come home with me.  They are the chicest things I have ever seen.  Stupid.  I would have found an amazing spot for them.  Oh well.  Each time I go there is always that one thing... These lamps would be "it" for this go round.

Lets go with creepy... BUT creepy in a good way.  They were just expensive.  $50 each.  The dealer said they were antique glove molds.  I was thinking they were hands for Edward Scissorhands. JK.  Would be great for jewelry, or just a weird decorative statement.

I debated on these.  They were $10 for the pair of needlepoint vintage pictures.  I just had no clue where they would go. 

Bar carts are so popular right now.  This one was way cool - but needed a thorough Brasso job.

How sweet is this.  If it were Spring, I'd debate this.  It would be kind of cool to spray paint this a wild color.

Flea markets are great places to find storage and organization stuff.  This was an African dealer selling beaded necklaces and baskets.  These would be great as a magazine holder, a toy basket for the dog stuff, recycling, a whatever you need bin.

A fabulous elephant garden stool.  I already have one, but if I didn't - this would be the one for me!  Love the all white clean look.

A gorgeous pair of accent chairs.  Spindle love.

Loved these.  They would be fantastic really shined up.

Well if you haven't opened up a design magazine in the past 4 years... then this is the obvious staple.  I love bamboo.  Its past trend now - its a classic.  Or has it always?

For the TV buffs - The Gray's Anatomy book.


A coat of paint a custom cushion would do wonders to this chair.
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. You so reminded me that I need to get over there! I live not far from there for crying out loud!:)

  2. Love those glove molds for holding can get them at a fraction of that price at Urban Outfitters, only they will be reproductions, not vintage...great round up...loved virtually attending this sale with you!

  3. I love, love all your picks. I found my elephant garden stool at Vallarta (the Mexican grocery store) for 18 dollars. Must check out this flea market.

  4. WHAT!!! Where is Vallarta!!!??? yeah - you gotta go to LB flea. its awesome!

    The Zhush - love that you stopped by to read my blog!

    Happenstance - GO! Next one is November 21!! Hope to run into you then!

  5. You are aware that the Gray's Anatomy book has absolutely nothing to do with the tv show, right?

  6. HAHAHA!! 100 percent aware!! Isn't it a medical book?

  7. Oh man, I LOVE your flea market posts. Only problem is that they always make me want to go shopping :) I think I would die to have those gold lamps too!!!

  8. Nancy - its time to grab the hubby (of course bring him along for the ride) for a fun filled weekend in LA....

  9. oh how i miss that flea market! i used to live in LB. i actually sold a bunch of stuff there just before we moved out of cali. made a ton of money there too!
    don't miss the rose bowl and pasadena college too.


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