Friday, October 15, 2010

My Best Friend is Cooler Than Your Best Friend....

One of my absolute favorite people is John David Breen... My JD.  We became best friends working at the worst job ever (if you are my friend and you want to state the name of this denim brand -- by all means - take a stab at it in the comments!) The difference is he had the balls to get up from his desk and walk out -- me.... I stuck it out for 3 years!  Anyway --- Not only is this guy always wearing the sickest outfit, has the funniest -isms and sayings come out of his mouth -- he has a heart of gold.  What friend will tell you that you are Prime Real Estate and tell you that 20 times a day until you feel like a queen?!  That would be JD.  He lives in a fabulous apartment in Brooklyn, he'e the Glam Guru over at Hanky Panky, and has a dream of a husband.  They are my NY family.

So, of course I get this link on Facebook that he is one of most stylish people in New York City in "Time Out NewYork" and all I can think here is "shocker," of course he would be!! So - here's to you my fab friend.  Gimlet in hand for you!!

Check out the full fashion shoot and article HERE 


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