Friday, October 15, 2010

From the personal file...

This right here pretty much sums up my look.  I love this.  It's bright and chinois-happy.  It's got a gold bamboo coffee table, a tufted settee, a cow hide rug, with an edge with those interesting floor lamps.  Amazzzing.

image via DecorPad


  1. love it, so pretty!

  2. Oh yeah, this is elegant, comfy and calming. Would work in home, or commercial, settings.

  3. ohh..I wonder if youd be able to breakdown a look for less on know, since i'm sure the pillow alone is out of my range!

    also, you need to do a source list..since you're in la and you always say you have the best upholsters/flea markets/fabric places! :) thanks. get on that for me :)

    Happy Weekend!

  4. you've got it!! i'll do that tonight!! you are so funny!!!

  5. All Thibaut goods here ladies! The grasscloth, the upholstered couch and the printed Ting Yuan fabric are all by Thibaut, and are all quite affordable.

  6. Molly - good call! Thanks for confirming this. I am going to work on a budget friendly guide for this! Stay posted!


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