Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shop like a designer!! The domed chair!

Are you looking for a serious accent piece? Very KWID, very Viceroy... Well here is the dome chair from High Fashion Home It's quite a show stopper...
Above is the Kelly Wearstler way of doing it.....
Below is the living room of Donald Billinikoff via Decorati. And its quite immaculate. The staircase alone is enough for me....
So - if this is the accent piece for you, join the designer frenzy - and get this one at Cabachon in Los Angeles. $399.


  1. um 399...i am sooooo joke.

  2. the store is kind of weird - but this chair was fantastic!! they also have great venetian mirrors. Keep me posted if you get it and how you end up using it!

  3. three years later...think i can still find one??


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