Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dashes of Hot Pink

Isn't this a great living area and bedroom fantastic.  I am a big fan of making rooms flow and this space is no exception.

 The color palette for these two rooms are perfect with the sharp white walls with the dark furniture, and then pops of pink and red. 
The suzani is unreal. 

images via Nuevo Estilo


  1. my dining table is currently covered in fabric..its like this random wood table we found on the SOO tempted to paint it high gloss hot pink!

  2. Hi, Hallie!

    Lovely pictures! I love pink and it's always nice to added it to any room.

    By the way, I am missing you in my site... don't forget to stop by, ok? ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

    Luciane at

  3. Hallie, you are too funny - we must think alike! Just today, I went to F&S fabrics on Pico and bought pink fabric to recover my throw pillows for my brown couch! I love dashes of pink! It's so happy!

  4. I am all about the pink- I think every room needs a little pink and I adore the use of charcoal and white with it.


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