Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Great Source for Evites

I have to tell you - I am not a fan of evites for most occasions... BUT they do have their perks.
1.  It's paperless.  Go Green!
2.  It's easy for the event thrower, no hassle with getting home addresses, stamps etc.

So - I received an evite for a brunch I am attending in Chicago and it was THE BEST invitation I have ever received in an email.  You open an envelope and a gorgeous (e-engrave)invitation comes on your screen.  For your next party you really should consider using Paperless Post.  They have an amazzzing selection, you can personalize it to your exact needs!  They have note cards, b-day cards, notes, holidays,  and so much more.


  1. paperless post is the ONLY way to go if you go this way..gorg

  2. Yes, my sister used these for a tgiving party she's having. Virtually fansies.


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