Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Great Tip for Studio Apartment Living!

Right here is the perfect example of making studio apartment living work.  This room completely maximizes the space while looking rich and luxe.

Here are some great tips for making your studio apartment work!
1. Pick a color story and have it reign through the entire place.  This white and pink/red palette works perfectly.   Try to pick a neutral and a pop color.
2. Section off certain areas by using an area rug.   The rug in this room completely give a living room feel.
3. Another way to section off areas is through paint and wallpaper.  The stripes behind the bed are solely for the "bedroom".
4. Pick a pattern and bring it throughout.  It gives cohesiveness, even if you are making designated areas.
5.  Make the space feel special with details like gorgeous lighting, intriguing furniture.


  1. Great tips! Love those stripes behind the bed.

  2. this room has always been a favorite of mine. so girly, well edited and bright!


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