Monday, November 29, 2010

LB Flea Market Report - a couple weeks late.

As many of you know - I love attending the Long Beach Flea Market.  I tend to ALWAYS find what I am looking for, or something better.  Well.... the November market was definitely a tad bit different.  It rained all weekend, so the grounds were puddled - and even though the sun was shining - the turn out of vendors and shoppers were pretty low too.  Christine came with me this time also looking for a chandelier.  Anyway - now that I am looking at the pics, there were a few cool things - but it was definitely not a successful trip. 

All I know is hat the December market will be way better!
The jadite tea set were really pretty in person.

This chandelier was stunning in person.  

Christine has these exact pictures in her living room that she got in Palm Springs.
Pretty funny that we saw them at the LB Flea.

This Platner chair was awesome.  Christine and I stared at it for a while, it totally needed a fresh coat  of paint and a seat cushion made.

These were beautiful in person.
This was a gorgeous koi fish pitcher, but the price was way too high. :( 

Dainty powder room accessories

The trusting peacock chair.  

Geodes are so popular right now.  

You can never deny gold vintage bamboo


  1. Wow, that bamboo shelf is awesome!! I always love your flea market posts, makes me feel like I was there with you {I wish!!}. Too bd this trip wasn't successful, but don't worry there will be many many more!
    Nancy xo

  2. ohhh love that peacock chair and anything bamboo!

  3. Oh my gawd, the Platner Chair. I must visit the LB flea. I keep seeing the same vendors at the Pasadena one. Time to change things up.

  4. Amazing loot!! I need to come to Long Beach!

  5. OMG, what an amazing flea market. I'm totally jealous. That bamboo etagere and Platner chair are KILLING ME!

  6. So have to be insane to pass up a gold vintage bamboo anything!!!!


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